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A Creator’s Guide to Travel

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A Traveler’s Guide to Death (A Creator’s Guide to Travel) front cover

Brief Summary

On the leather cover, the title of the book appears to be “A Traveler’s Guide to Death” in elvish, but after a closer inspection, it is actually “A Creator’s Guide to Travel” written in undercommon and shaped in such a way that it looks like the elvish script.  On the bottom right of the cover there is an inscription that reads “S.A.D.”.

When first discovered, the pages of the book showed indentations and marks of being written in, but there were no words that could be seen.


The Guide was found in a cave that led to an underground temple, in a hidden compartment in an altar, by an adventurer named Kavor.  The book was covered in a powerful illusionary aura, and whoever was in its possession felt a great connection to it, and a strong compulsion to protect it and learn from it.

Recent Activity

After the Guide was brought to White Moon Cove, adventures worked on dispelling the magic surrounding it and returning the book to its original form. 

Once the book could be read, most of it seems to be filled with the scribble of a madman, computations and theories that seem to apply a different set of physics that defy most understandings.  Parts of the words seem to describe actions that have taken place, or will take place as though the author was jumping in time. The time even seems to span centuries at some points.

 Excerpts from the Guide

“….I do not what has caused this anomaly.  All my test so far on this portal have returned normal, at least as normal as something like this could be.  Where could these entities be coming from? Did I miss some calculation and create a tear, were they always there and I just found them, or did the injections mutate into these new forms……   Something is wrong they should not be able to do that…. what kind of control over the portals do they have?…”

“Strange as I was sampling the stream I discovered another anomaly this time from the F.O.T. portal it seems….   What are they doing do they not know that will not work! I understand they were trying to trap her there, but they are messing with things they don’t understand to achieve their petty goals….  How will the other react to this, I have not felt their presence in the portals for some time now.. Now I wonder what the so call all powerful and benevolent will do… the pawns have been moved now how many moves till check….”

“So, he will become rebellious and turn on his masters…..  The dweller of Ruined Oak will not see that coming and I wonder how White Moon Cove will survive……   Interesting.. But will their efforts be enough without using the Locitum?”


Location of the cave where the Guide was found

“Most importantly though! I managed to find a hidden compartment in the altar of the next room. As I put my hands upon it’s leather cover, I felt that this book was meant to be found by me. It almost called to me and I felt…. something pulling to me. This book is mine and I will learn it’s secrets.”

 – Kavor

A Trail of Fire

“Kavor found what may be an important artifact secreted away. A creator’s guide to travel. So we were told. I intend to follow ‘im to Whitemoon Cove as he trries to ascerrtain the meaning of this book, and nlock it’s secrret powerrs.”

– Grimlock

At Long Last, a Successful Mission

“The back of the fire room lay a door to a shrine that gave some book of worth to Kavor and scrolls to Grimlock, i was just pleased that all our party were able to see another dawn.”

– Bellamin

The floor is Larva or is it?

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