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Yarsby, private contractor and spymaster

Brief Summary

Yarsby is formally a member of the Talos Dwarves. Having broken away from his former clan, Yarsby has become a bit of an entrepreneur and leader of the band of dwarves who no longer wish to remain with Talos

Recent Activity

Yarsby has been dislocated from his estate north east of WMC by the Legion of Blood. He has sent adventures to clear out his estate and retrieve one of his operatives from the field. While the adventurers were able to clear the estate they were only able to recover the corpse of the operative.


When Yarsby came to WMC he started out as a road crew foreman. Gaining the trust of the town and the adventurers he has made some coin and a name for himself.  He has been instrumental in gaining intel on the Talos dwarves and the Tsaran forces.


He has recently recovered an estate northeast of WMC and is attempting to return it to its former glory and use it as a base of operations.


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Alignment: Unknown 


Yarsby forced the caravan to go faster, but the ferocious gnolls ran our front cart down, forcing us all to stop and fight. Immediately one of the others went down with a single arrow, alarming us all that this was going to be a short clash. 

Ferrying the grumpy merchant



Last time I saw Yarsby he seemed ready to build a raft and row it back to the mainlands, but when he brought the wagons to the gate he almost seemed to skip with joy. Hoping this would last we road southward to finish the construction on a road called “Swamp City”, though I found a distinct lack of civilization during our escapade.

A job well done



“Yarsby had sent word he needed some assistance so a gathering of us went to pay him a visit. When I first saw the mansion all I could think of was “finally a vacation.” The mansion was looking rather proper, the grounds were kept and Yarsby greeted us warmly. He leads us behind the mansion to a small hedge maze. I’ve always loved such things. As he told us about the mansion being cleared he wanted to show us something at the center of the maze. “

Heavy Metal Nightmare Fuel


Bard, Leader of men

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