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The Blood Legion

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The largest threat in our backyard

Brief Summary

The enemies of WMC are now working together to wipe out the colony. The dark blood magic of the cult leader Tsaran, the military tactics of the Talos Dwarves, the ferocity of the Gnoll Horde, the monstrous abominations of Eziekiel now intended to grow an undead army and Grimmys, an Ancient Black Dragon with his massive Kobold army to take complete control of katashaka

Recent Activity

The adventurers of WMC have pieced together the clues to uncover the nefarious plot.

We’re all going to die, they are coming for us!

The spy who stiffed me

Against the Gnoll Army


Grymmys, the Ancient Black Dragon who lives in the Ghostwood Marsh South of WMC and his hundreds of Kobold worshipers have joined the coalition to wipe us out.

A group of five highly experienced adventurers recently broke a fielded army of the Legion. They were outnumbered 100 to 1.

The Gnolls are using psy-ops, shifting the blame to us, coming off as unrelated to the Talos by their own training to set us up and make the better of us. They understand our mission statement enough to employ such trickery. (See Testimonials)

What we have confirmed

They are using a strong hierarchical structure. Tsaran>Cultist>Talos Dwarves>Gnolls (It’s unknown where Grimmys fits here)

The Talos Dwarves are teaching their advanced tactical knowledge to the gnolls, changing them from wild infantry to harden trained soldiers.

Some Gnolls carry a virulent disease in their jaws that quickly lay waste and exhaust those exposed to it.

There have been reports of blood and armor elementals with advanced abilities, spellcasters, martial and ranged individuals capable of taking on powerful combatants.

They are confirmed to have very strong undead raised through dark blood magic.

They are confirmed to have advanced automatons, some are even mixed with organics.

Tsaran is looking to reactivate the Blood Scourge.

Tsaran wants control of the locitun.

The forces are currently in the Northeast peninsula.

Their is a hidden port that acts as an intake center for the forces as they arrive.

They are aware we know the generalized location and are looking to move the operations, this may already be taking place.

They are looking west towards a location known as the Blood Citadel, location and region are currently unknown.


Forces fielded

Columns of flail wielding rabid ones in the front line (extremely fast on foot, able to cover 90-100 feet of distance quickly and savage in their assault tactics: Do not engage without a heavy front line).

Columns of regular Gnolls, with long bows flanking them, apt at focus firing a threat.

Columns of Kobold Skirmishers (Short bows and short swords).

Columns of Kobold Evokers (Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Invisibility). Most dangerous as they unleash heavy Evocation spells all at once. Defeat first.

Talos Wizards (Counterspell, Fireball, Dimension Door, Invisibility, See Invisibility). Very susceptible to being sniped.

Talos Clerics (Spirit Guardians, Spiritual Weapons, True Sight). Also very susceptible to being sniped.

Unknown Caster who unleashed an Earthquake beneath our feet to cover their retreat.

Notable Members:




leader of this Alliance

He brings with him his dark blood magics and the ability to spawn Undead Abominations en masse. He is behind this dark alliance.

Talos Dwarves

Talos Dwarves

Military expertise and equipment

They bring together there ability to craft arms and armor along with superior military tactics.

Gnoll Tribes

Gnoll Tribes

Large force

They bring large numbers of expendable infantry. Now trained as soldiers and led by Talos tacticians.

See here for more details

Eziekiel Slowden

Eziekiel Slowden

Trap and bio-elderitch monstrosity maker

He brings with him abominations of pure horror and deadly traps of which to alter the battle field with unusual surprises.



Special Forces

These combatants very in type and skill. Very dangerous. Have supernatural abilities and a master tacticians. Expect them to use magic against you.

“All of our biggest enemies. The remnants of the Talos dwarves, the Gnolls, the crazed dungeon maker in the plains, the cultist… They are now banded together. These creatures which would normally never tolerate each other have banded together to stop us.

They are tired of us breaking their plans, stealing their equipment and destroying their camps. They will stop at nothing to destroy us.”

We’re all going to die, they are coming for WMC!


Bard, Leader of Men

“Right now the intel is becoming outdated. There are attempting to move the operation as they know we know about what’s happening. They are aware we know there is a hidden port up there and the training happening. There is a blood citadel somewhere westward that will be their central command.”

The Spy who stiffed me


Bard, Leader of Men

If you find the group use the following tactics. 1 turn the table blame them. 2. Pretend to be victims 3. when they attack make sure to make them use as many abilities they can so the remote observer can gather the intel needed. Make sure to drop the bag so they see it. Destroy the note before you go.”
– Psy-ops tactics

Against the Gnoll Army



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