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The Gnoll Tribes of Eastern Katashaka

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Brief Summary

Gnolls. Nasty, savage, absolutely deadly. Everybody knows ’em, everybody hates ’em. The dog-faced bastards have been a thorn in our side ever since we settled here, and it’s time to take them down and out. For good.

Recent Activity

The Tempest Plains have been positively overrun with them, making it impossible to pass through without fighting off at the very least a war party. They’ve attacked allies, neutrals, and us without showing any discrimination. Yarsby says they’re planning on launching an attack on Port Mirandia – see the Jagged Horn Tribe below – we need to be prepared.


There was a First Gnoll War. They attacked White Moon Cove. We thought we wiped them out. We didn’t.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil



Ironclaw Tribe

Ironclaw Tribe

Warchief Rric Pestbasher | Subchief Rrukx Splitgrapnel | Shaman Kryciakk Saltfingers

This tribe of gnolls specializes in disease warfare, but their real strength is in their numbers. Presumed to rank more than a thousand strong, these gnolls have moved from their Jubai River encampment to an abandoned Jub Jub mine. Yarsby and Co. reccommend the infiltration and assassination of the three leaders mentioned above via a rescue shaft that the gnolls do not appear to know about, located here. Proceed with caution – we have one chance at using this entrance before the gnolls realize it’s there, and the primary and secondary entrances are too heavily guarded to be at all assailable.
Objective: Infiltrate and Assassinate

Jagged Horn Tribe

Jagged Horn Tribe

Warchief ??? | Subchief ??? | Shaman ???

This tribe of gnolls, while presumably only several hundred strong, is apparently lead by the most competent gnoll of them all. According to reports, they have been harvesting lots of lumber recently, and it is assumed that these are the gnolls gearing up for a naval attack on Port Mirandia.

Objective: Locate and Survey

Ri-Nos Tribe

Ri-Nos Tribe

Warchief ??? | Subchief ??? | Shaman ???

These are the shock troops. They hit harder than regular gnolls, and can tank heavier hits than most. Thankfully, there are likely only a few hundred of them, and their numbers are further weakened by the fact that they “donate” troops to other tribes to bolster their power. If we can find their warcamp and take them out alone, then we’ll have won an insanely major victory.

Objective: Locate and Survey

Peltwearer Tribe

Peltwearer Tribe

Warchief ??? | Subchief ??? | Shaman ???

Fuckin’ hells. Necromancy? Really? We have at least four different tribes of gnolls, and one of them had to specialize in necromancy? Gods. Well, good news is, we know what works against these ones. Chuck the likes of Abel Delacroix and Valorean at them, and they’ll crumble. Another bit of good news: this tribe has the smallest contingent of living gnolls – get through the undead horde, and there won’t be many gnolls to get rid of after that.

Objective: Locate and Survey

On the Ri-Nos shock troops:

“Extremely fast on foot, able to cover 90-100 feet of distance quickly and savage in their assault tactics: Do not engage without a heavy front line

Against the Gnoll Army


Mercenary for Hire

On the Ironclaw Hideout:

“The mine complex was about a half mile below the surface, and sprawled about 3 square miles. There is the main entrance, a secondary entrance, and the rescue shaft.

Mountains, Man. Wiiiiiiild.

Leofyr Castenteau

Dustbringer, Allied Freeholds of Katashaka

 On the imminent attack:

Thanks to Cober’s powers, we were able to extract truthful information from him and found out that Port Mirandia will be under attack by Gnolls, Blood cultists, and Talos dwarves in a fortnight.

Can’t Touch This!


Conspiracy Theorist, Allied Freeholds of Katashaka

Click here to open a new window with the Gnollonomicon, a monsterpedia with gathered types of Gnolls encountered by adventurers thus far.

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