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Quison of the Red Brick Fort

Brief Summary

Taking residence at the red brick fort Directly west of WMC. Building the fort with the help of a goblin named TillBilly.

Recent Activity

On a Recent outing a party met with Quison. He passed along a letter from a deceased person named Kyle and information of a circus. 


On the First meeting with Quison he asked the party to remove some goblin squatters from the lower levels and locate some sailors he had hired.


Old Map Pin | New Map Pin ( Red Brick Fort Location )

Alignment: Unknown | Good

Faction: Unknown

 Quison informed us that goblins did indeed attack his fort but he handled them and negotiated with them although some made their way into the basement of the fort. He asked us to remove those goblins for him and find some sailors from White Moon Cove that were working for him that also were down in the basement. 

Red Brick Fort


After some discussion, we introduced ourselves and meet the buildings owners Quinson, a nice human and his friend Tilbily a goblin.

Pain in the Planes


Upon reaching the red brick fort, Quison told us that nothing was amiss, but was clearly hiding something from us. This manifested in the form of a letter from the now-dead Kyle. We were also notified of a circus.

Of Swamps and Shadows

Zak Songheart

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