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Lionel Paragon

The greatest bard to ever grace the greats!


Race: Aasimar [Protector]

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Hair: Silver, medium on top and gelled into spikes, and long at the back held in a warrior’s tie.

Eyes: Pale Amber

Height: 5’7

SI Town: WMC

Profession: Bard, Entertainer

Home: Vagrant Bard, no place of origin.


Rambunctious and proud of it, Lionel performs anywhere and for anyone or thing. His goals always set high and then higher, he searches for the grandest stage of all, one he does not know the name, place or existence of, yet yearns for it. Hearing of the new world being discovered, Lionel set his sights upon this dangerous new land. His trusty horn and crossbow with him, and his guardian never too far, make way folks as he spreads his wings. As he steps off the ship and onto the docks, one thing passed through his mind. “Cheer denizens of this island I cannot remember the name of! Lionel has arrived!”

Death Record;

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