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FOT – Now Port Mirandia Portal Code

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Name: Forest of Thorns | Guardian: Cleared | Location: PORT MIRANDIA

Madam Fortuna (Terrorrize): “I have seen the horrid wonders of the Forest of Thorns, not lightly approached and bathed in blood lake. And now I have been here… to White Moon.” … “Yes my good sir, the Forest of Thorns is far north, up the serpent river.”

“FOT has been scouted. It has one of the bug lady spellcasters we’ve encountered before and a couple of the floating statues that Counterspell divine spells “

With the guardians cleared, this portal is the only one usable to reach Port Mirandia, since the one at it’s coliseum has been faulty by the use of our lesser Obsidian portal stones. Efforts to build the town will necessitate a road to the town from the forest.

Current landscape:
The nature spirits of the forest are divided between two factions – the Dryads (Friendly); and the Blights (unfriendly). The later seem to be intent on corrupting the soil and plants of the forest. Further diplomatic endeavors should be conducted with the first, we’ve already helped them in a skirmish against their foes prior to clearing the portal. (Bring people knowledgeable in Primordial or Elvish.)
The Blights seem to be winning this conflict, and are led by an entity named Yadda which “grows in power every day”. The Dryads seem diplomatic to a fault, yet protective of their own names. They’ve warned us “to beware the plains to the East” which lead to Port Mirandia and “not to trust the

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