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Brief Summary

Explorers assess that Briggdarrow and WHI are on the North Western part of Katashaka.  Further research and exploration is needed to confirm this.

Discovered by Uzza, Elril, Sylvan, and Haru, Briggdarrow was initially inhabited by ‘seemingly mindless half breeds’.  The down-trodden occupants toiled under eternal rain and darkness.  Further investigation led to the discovery of a guardian named Rose and a peek into what the town used to be like.  Aten (the sun) used to shine here and purify the occupants.

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Efforts are underway to improve the town and establish friendly relations.

Services and NPC’s available

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Construction and History

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The History of Aten and his Creations – Sylvan


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Notable NPC’s and Buildings:


Notable Item #1

Notable Item #1



Notable Item #2

Notable Item #2



“If an ocean lays to the north of WHI and Brigsdarrow, that means that the land lays on the northern part of the island. This not only means WHI is located on the same plane but could possibly be traveled to on foot if our theories are correct.”

The History of Aten and His Creations

Sylvan & Dust

“To the east of the WHI portal, theres a small town named ‘Briggdarrow’ (Pronounced ‘Breejid Arrow’) that was “home” to a strange population…”

Why Haru WHI


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