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Desert of Flies (DOF)

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Name: Known | Guardian: Cleared | Location: Known

Brief Summary

The Desert of Flies (DOF) lies Southwest of the The Way and is home to the Khenra and their home city of Shashotep.  Sand storms, increased water usage, and deadly enemies makes DOF inhospitable to inexperienced adventuring parties.

Recent Activity

A recent trip into the desert was met with stiff resistance that a party of 11 failed to overcome.


I have been unable to find records dating to the discovery of this desert.


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“…you’ll notice there is a raging storm of wind, sand, and dust encircling the portal.  Prepare yourself, this is the last time you will feel any semblance of pleasant temperature…”

A Guide to DOF


“…the city of the Khenra.  They will likely not interact with you if you haven’t received a necklace…”

A Guide to DOF 2


I forget whose watch it was but we were awoken to movement. Our doubled up Tiny huts were being dragged, moved through the sky. We apparently had set them up on the back of a giant creature and not known it. We were flying on a Sand Manta-ray in an unknown direction at a high speed. All which spell death out in the desert.

The Great Awakening


Squirrel Pope

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