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Ozymandias true form, a Couatl, and his human form.

Brief Summary

Ozymandias is a Couatl, an ancient celestial, that often appears in a human form so he can approach people more easily. His mission is inspired by an inexplicable pull to seek the places that the wind and sky guide him.

Recent Activity

He has come into contact with adventurers during his travels, as well as reaching out to them for help or to offer information about great evils that need to be defeated, such as the Oni that had taken hold of the Bloodeye Clan encampment, the evil lurking in the tower on the shores of the North Rotmoor River, or a mysterious something that needs to be retrieved from the Estate. 

He is trying to find the source of a great threat that lies further north than the Briarwall and the Jub Jub peaks.


Ozymandias left the place he calls home so long ago that he no longer remembers where it was. He is part of a Celestial race that appears from time to time working the endless tasks of a God long gone and forgotten. While he will not be able to explain his journey to you, he will be more than happy to entertain you with stories about the great Empyreans – mighty celestial beings that stand as tall as the heavens and enforce the feeling of righteousness.


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Alignment: Unknown | Good

Faction: Unknown

It all started while I was reading a book in the Bitter Dwarf Tavern when this mysterious cloaked man walked in and requested some help. His name was Ozymamdias and he seemed to know a few of the adventurers inside. He started talking to a tall, energetic tabaxi and a half-elf woman about how he needed help relocating a group of owlbears that we’re being chased out of their home up north. […] Unfortunately, Ozymamdias was unable to accompany us, he mentioned needing to deal with threats up north, but he did give us a few holy stones that would help convey to the owlbears that we were friendly and there to help them

Unbearably Cute

Freyja Forgefire

During the night, whilst everyone was sleeping, a curious individual named Ozy entered our camp to speak with Freya and us.

Fantastic Fiends and Where to Find Them – Chapter 3 Initial Draft



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