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Patreon Reward System


Recruit $5
The recruit rank does not get a Patreon Tier Token, they only get a Patreon Priority Token.

Tier 1

Patreon Priority Token
A Patreon can expand a Patreon Tier 1 Token to use a Patreon Priority Token.
A PPT will give you high priority for selection in that session.

To use a Priority Token sign up on reddit with PPT in your sign up.
When you get picked you must spend the token.

The following terms and conditions apply;

  • You submit the token on reddit before the DM chooses the party
  • Your character must be within the level range of the session

The DM of the session will do their best to fit you in the session.

This token does not guarantee that you will be picked for a session in circumstances where there is a group of totally new players or certain PCs are required for a session.
These kind of circumstances will be the exception and not the norm.

Be one of the very first people to try out a new class that one day may be part of Sleeper Island.
Every month you want to playtest a character you must spend 1 Patreon Token Tier 1
Playtest rules and regulations:

  • Playtest Classes are under the same limitations of Unearthed Arcana classes
  • Classes or races can be deemed broken and become unplayable, if that happens you will have to alter your Character
  • No Guarantee will be given that a playtest class will become official

Advanced Post editor
A Patreon can expand a Patreon Tier 1 Token to unlock the Advanced Post editor on the website.

Tier 2

Quickened Second Character
You can spend a Tier 2 token so you can create your second character at level 8 rather than level 10.

Design an Enemy

Once a month you may spend a Patreon Tier 2 token to workshop and design an enemy that will appear in a minor/major arc on Sleeper Island.

Design minor magic item

You can spend a Tier 2 token to design a fun magical item that can be found as loot multiple times on Sleeper Island.

Tier 3

Plan an Arc
You can spend a Tier 3 token to design and workshop a story arc with a Dungeon Master.

Design a Major Magic Item
You can spend a Tier 3 token to design a major magic item that may be found by a party on Sleeper Island

Session Request

Once a month you can spend a Tier 3 token to request a session within reason that one DM will run:
Follow the format when requesting a session in “#patron-session-request”

  • Character Name:
  • Preferred date and / or time: 12-Jan-2019 15:00 UTC or Weekend 15:00 UTC
  • Preferred level range: 
  • Description of Session objective:
  • Preferred DM for the mission: @dm-name (only if applicable for story)

Iron Man Mode – 3rd Character Slot

We are happy to introduce Iron Man mode for those who are looking for a bit more of a challenge and another way to experience Sleeper Island for those that already riding on their wave of luck.
The mindset behind Iron Man mode is to promote playtesting without the need to sacrifice your two primary characters, we hope to see a relatively quick turn over of these characters as their maximum level is 7
We envision that these brave adventures come to the island and after they have had adventures under their belt they move either back home or to new lands.

Each month you must use a T3 token to unlock your 3rd PC slot.
Keep in mind a 3rd PC must meet certain requirements and has several limitations on them.

  • Your slot 1 and Slot 2 characters need to be level 5+
  • Playtest classes receive 100% of session XP
  • Non-playtest classes receive 50% of session XP
  • Always low priority in sessions (PPS still works)
  • Cannot level up past level 7
  • Can Retire without penalties when level 5 or above

At the start of the month you must have 2 characters 5+ and spend a Tier 3 token to unlock Iron Man mode.

If Slot 1 or Slot 2 character dies, and drops below level 5, the Iron Man slot will function for the rest of the month.

You have already unlocked it for that month.
If you don’t meet the requirements at the start of the next month, then you can’t spend a Tier 3 token to unlock Iron Man mode that month and the character slot goes into stasis.

Tier 4

Design a town/Hamlet
You suggest and and perhaps coordinate with one of the dms to design a town on the island. You won’t know which or what it’s called or where it is, but when it’s discovered it may have that special PC musk.

Design a Building
You suggest a new type of building to be added to current list of buildings. The dms/mods will review your request and work with you to make it a reality. No cheesing. Unless it’s a cheese mill. We accept literal cheese.

Small festivities
Once a month you can use your token to make a small festival in the town with games and fun times. You suggest a fun rp session with fun and games and trivial awards (like a lesser version of arena week, or forced appreciation of your character’s achievements!)

Non-mechanical pet
Your characters gets a non-mechanical pet that exists solely inside town. Ex. Dog, Cat, Horse, Peacock, Armadillo, Koala, Drop Bear, Crocodile, Parrot, Small Child on a Backpack Leash (please don’t bring small children to Sleeper Island that is clearly a bad call)

Boosted Luck
There is a possibility that luck will fall upon the town in regards to additional towns, surplus of food, active npc community, ship / shipwrecks or other random events.

Audition Session
Sleepers can spend a T4 token to be a selection 1 of the 2 required DM’s or Mods for a audition session.
2 Greens
1 Green & Trial
1 Green & Mod
1 Green & Sleeper

Token are given out at the beginning of the month after Patreon has charged you and are valid until the next charge.

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