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Saa Azeikan

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Saa Azeikan

Brief Summary

Saa Azeikan is a girl of mixed-race, a mutant, who was shunned by her people, abandoned, and hunted by those who desire her power.  She has three purple eyes, no mouth, white skin, and six arms with hands that end in scythe-like blades.  Her blood has unusual properties.  It crystallizes while outside her body and she needs to reabsorb it.

Though she is friendly if not threatened, it can be very difficult to communicate with her.  She can speak directly in one’s mind, but the words are jumbled and unintelligible.  Another way she is able to talk is by cutting a mouth in her face and using basic Primordial, however, it seems to be very painful.  Communication in writing seems to be the best approach.

She is in the possession of an Elder Shard.   

Recent Activity

Adventure Family Guildhall became Saa’s home for a while, until Indr, the person who took care of her since her arrival in Ruined Oak, left the island.  Feeling abandoned once again, Saa went to White Moon Cove in search of people to help her fulfill her duty.  Before leaving, she erected a tall monolith, next to the Ruined Oak portal.  

Once in White Moon Cove, she met an adventurer named Chase and a few other people and she shared some of her knowledge about the Elder shards with them.

Her duty seems to be bringing together the shard fragments and change, neutralize or destroy them in some way, and she claims to be able to do so without harming the person who possesses them if they are willing.

After Scorch, an adventurer in possession of a shard fragment, threatened her, she grabbed Chase and she teleported them to an unknown location through a purple rift.


Saa was found by adventurers in a ruined building in the Desert of Flies.  After realizing they had killed her brother just a few days earlier, they decided to retrieve the body and attempted to resurrect him, but were unsuccessful.  She was devastated by the loss, and before agreeing to return to Ruined Oak with the adventurers, she performed a ritual and absorbed her brother’s power and knowledge.

The monolith inscription

I walk a path alone

Mutated and casted aside from my kin

Lyric, Mother I never had, abandoned me

Brother, my only true family that loved me and protected me, killed by Haru and Isaac

Born without breath, born without life, born of the blood of those before me

Through love unnatural to my kind, enbefitting to my kin, life has been given to that which shouldn’t have it

A mistake that shouldn’t have happened, an abomination, mutant, unbefitting of existance

Indr says I’m not a mistake, given life out of choice and intent, Indr is kind

Bring Shards to me, change them or do not it is your own path

No path is evil, no path is good

No paths are chaotic, no paths are lawful

There is only the self

The generations before

The generations after you


Lost in eternity, a path unbeknownst to life in this world

If this is the path you wish to walk let this be a beacon in your journey wherever it may lead you

Claimed and guarded 

Deep within the ground, where no light can reach, a stronghold of fire

Delve into stone corrupted, engulfed by darkness, guarded by the dream eater

Within the crimson lake of life and death, bubbling from below

A foreign desert, glistening like diamonds, surrounded by water

A mire abandoned by the favor of the gods, return alive, return sullied

Into the depths the cliffs go on forever, unrelenting cold and darkness

Splintered through great conflict and the passing of time fragments seeped into the world

Stripped of many eyes, battleworn, guiding those hungry for power, duplicity

A trinket, collected on private display

Violently, the earth was sundered, from within 6 legged abomination emerged from the horrors that lie beneath the dirt

A green dome of glass, within your blood will boil if you stay too long

By boat he plundered, by the bay he drank, his ship ravaged by the shore


Old Map Pin | New Map Pin

Alignment: Neutral | Good


“On our third day of travel, we rested in a set of ruined buildings for the night. There, we came across a strange creature. A girl with three purple eyes and white skin. Her hands ended in scythe-like blades and she seemed somewhat bug-like.

Though she was friendly, we found it nearly impossible to communicate with her. She spoke directly into our minds in a jumbled speech, and magic that should allow us to understand other languages seemed ineffective. Her only communication was broken Primordial, but the act of speaking seemed painful to her.”

Of Regret and Recovery


“Together we worked out that Saa was a mixed-race being, who also possessed an elder shard (if I recall correctly). For this, she was shunned by her people, and hunted by those who desire her power.

Having calmed down, Saa began performing a magic spell, that I have absolutely NO understanding of – in all my years I have never seen magic such as this (although that isn’t saying much I suppose). She created a large monolith, her story inscribed, in Primordial, upon it. A recite it for you know and include a rough sketch of the stone 0 though you can always visit it yourself, just outside of Ruined Oak. It does not appear to be going anywhere, any time soon, what with it being a stone.

A chat with Saa


Saa… I’m sorry that our paths diverged, I’m sorry you didn’t want to escape from that place with us. I didn’t say goodbye when I left, I told you I’d always be with you in your heart just as I keep you in mine. I hope you fulfill your Duty and find some measure of peace.

(Retirement Log) A Message From the Future


There are rumors of a fight in the Town Square between Scorch and Saa. Saa is gone, and Chase along with her. I don’t know what in Tyr’s name is happening around here, but something is not right. I’m worried about my friends.

Embers to a Flame


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