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Brief Summary

The Twistflows were a family of Gnomes.  Grandfather was a strange inventor.  The entire is family is dead except June Twistflow

Recent Activity

They provided assistance during the Deep One arc.  Their tower was destroyed by Darklings.


A strange undead/elemental being was vanquished here. Several elementals seem to be in voluntary bondage to the gnome, tower not fully explored. – Darkhelm (Ata Anubis)

Don’t touch the powder. If things get scary or seem broken, try singing. The levers might be useful under some circumstances… – Sneaks


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Alignment: Unknown | Good


Notable Members:

June Twistflow

June Twistflow

Sole Survivor

Summary of Recent Dealings and History

“Finally, we arrived at the Twistflows. The closer we went to their tower, the louder we could hear them singing. It was a cheery song. I was about to join in, when the singing stopped, and all eyes in the room went to the bundled body we carried.”

Gnomes Will Be Gnomes


Illusionist Extraordinaire

“We investigated the twistflow tower and everything went to hell. They’re all dead. All but June that is. We ended up going into the forest to get revenge on the killers and it turns out it was the darklings…. soooooo we accidently maybe destroyed the pact we had.”

Deus Vaulting for June



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