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Odette the Swan Maiden

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A Sketch of Odette

Odette the Swan Maiden is a captain of the guard for the Unicorn Queen of the Summer Court in the forest to the East of Port Mirandia. She likely gets her name from her slight swan-like features, as well as her ability to turn into a swan. She is armed with a spear and shield, and likely knows how to use both as a warrior. Given her ability to turn into a swan, she is likely armed with formidable magic. Odette has dealt with adventurers of the Allied Freeholds of Katashaka with great grace, and is considered an ally to the nation by many. The Court, and by extension Odette’s forces, has set upon destroying all evil creatures within their lands, or at least all of those that are deemed evil. One wonders when someone from the Freeholds will be deemed so.

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