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Yavari Silverkin

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Race: Tiefling

Age: Early 20s

Sex: Female

Hair: Pitch Black, laying loose

Eyes: Dark Red with Yellow iris

Height: 6’

SI Town: White Moon Cove

Profession: Sorceress, Lutist

Home: Neverwinter



Having finally docked, A little restless from the journey Yavari emerged from the hold walking with her sister.. Bundled up tightly in cold weather clothing, the long trip’s saving grace fell into play with the continued reunion of her sister. Wild raven tresses shifting with the cold sea breeze she found herself bickering with her twin sister looking to her with narrowed eyes for a moment before erupting into an all too pleased giggle. The fighting and merriment stood as common place among them.. Pristine sanguine tried to conceal as much of it’s self as she could manage her tail wrapping tightly around her leg just beneath the slightly longer coat a gentle shiver.. As she couldn’t help but crack a smile hearing her sister, Yatari begin to play.. Her own instrument a lute hung off of her backpack as she walked trying to remain at least warm in mind..

As their progress went on the six foot tall tieflings fresh from the sea, eager to stretch their legs, now finally steadied by the feeling of earth beneath boot once more.. The swaying rock, of the sea’s cradle finally was within the past. As she found herself eventually being spurred on by her sister’s playing having an almost unhealthy rivalry the ever so younger sister, by something miniscule, maybe a minute and a half. Would begin to play her lute along side her sister,the trained bard. The sorceress at least able to keep up, and on some moments even surpass her “Elder” sister. Soft ebon and golden orbs drifting closed, her playing in almost in unison. As Yavari’s form followed the tune her body swayed with a rhythm close to that of the melody that now grew abit more shared.

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