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Name: Unknown | Guardian: Cleared | Location: Northern Peninsula of Katashaka

Brief Summary

The portal code for the Northern Peninsula of the main continent

Recent Activity

 Currently advising and assisting the Sarrukh with a two front war, Illithid and primal incursion in the North, Mhair incursion to the west.  Training of their forces and aiding in battle.  up to date as of 2020/11/22


Sarrukh (Lizardfolk) live in the eastern Swamp of the Peninsula, main village named Tikal, Village elder named Dak.  Friendlies.
Mhair (Yuan-Ti) Live in the North Western Forest of the Peninsula.  Currently not desired as friends, suspected slavers, main city known as Tor Merr (Tor Merr is actually an ancient Khenran city that was taken over by Mhair after they split from the Khenra, believed to be a holy city literally built on top of the body of their God, Merrshaulk).
Lapendi (Barbarian Horde) in Plains of GQE, currently friendly, tribal, roaming, only way to contact is to find a hunting party and ask to speak with the Mother (Aylynn) and identify yourself with the crescent moon markings of the AFK.  They pay for any illithid that you can kill and bring to them.  They have their own bad feelings toward the Mhair, though they portray a false neutrality toward them to protect themselves.


Old Map Pin | New Map Pin 

Mission- Contact Mother

 Snakes in the Grass


It wasn’t supposed to have been that messy….

 The Tailor of Mhair


Travel was uneventful, rather relaxed really.

Tohil’s Guard Diaries #1


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