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Duri’ Manon’ oi Ilth’hilashy aka “Portal Doctor”

Brief Summary

Manon is an arcane researcher that is currently studying the ancient portals of Katashaka. 

Recent Activity

 Has been helping WMC adventurers in fixing and understanding the ancient portals of the island. Insists the obsidian key stones are made with an inferior obsidian that is damaging the portals. Says the obsidian that is needed is at the Firery Peak northwest of Port Mirandia.


He first met and helped Joule’s party when they broke the old MID portal. He assisted them in getting to the old FOT portal. 

He helped Yatari’s party when they broke the old FOT portal, helped move and install the control panel from it into the old MID portal whis is now the new FOT portal.


Old Map Pin | New Map Pin  (Link to Miro notes.  Look for 3 dots in the top right of the note to find the link)

Alignment: Good

Faction: Unknown

He is of the githyanki race and came off as a bit of nerd but alright.  Says his name was Duri’ Manon… he said we could call him Manon but I’ll write down his name.

Joule writes down Duri’ Manon’ oi Ilth’hilashy.

After some conversation come to find out Manon is a researcher of portals.  A portal doctor if you will.  He has diagnosed the reason our portals have been acting so funky is due to a residual buildup caused obsidian corrosion.  Apparently, we are not using the right type of obsidian for our portals and we need the good obsidian from the Flame Peaks to stabilize the portals.  I have never heard of such a place. “


We’re not in White Moon Cove anymore, Rimmy.


High kicker of ass, Sacred taker of names

When we arrived I saw that cute portal doctor I’ve been reading about. I ran up and introduced my self, he was obviously very flustered with meeting someone as amazing as yours truly, he started getting shy and said something about personal space. It really is hard being beautiful.

Yatari Silverkin Memorial Highway, postponed.


Bard, Leader of Men

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