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Darklord Fred the Second

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A beacon of hope and wonder.

Brief Summary

Darklord Fred the Second is a Flumphf living in the underdark. He have a retinue of flumphs and is quite adorable. He is not to be mistaken with the now deceased Darklord Fred the First, don’t mix them up, ever.

He is considered a beacon of good among the creatures of the underdark and in the process killed Darklord Fred the First.

Recent Activity

It is uncertain where Darklord Fred the Second currently resides, but there are two places likely to be his home. The first is in the lair of Illithids, to find this go to the Dark Elf fishing village and ask for directions.

The other (more likely) option  is in Darklord Fred the Firsts old lair, as this originally belonged to Darklord Fred the Second. To find this start with the Dark Elf fishing village and ask for directions.


Darklord Fred the Second have had problems in the past and sought have been under the protection of Mindflayers, the deal made between them is unknown and it is uncertain if it remains in effect, but they were protecting him while Darklord Fred the First had captured his retinue.

A large group of adventurers from AFK went to deal with Darklord Fred the First who had taken residence in Darklord Fred the Seconds old chapel

A Far Traveler’s Journal, pt. 10

Field Report: Dealings with Darklords



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Alignment: ? (assumed lawful good)


One of the Illithid opened a portal to get Darklord Fred the Second, a cheerful Flumph, who had lost his followers to the evil Darklord Fred the First. He gave us three different directions to the firsts location, which we checked with the Illithids which gave us the correct directions.

A far Travelers Journal



A floating flesh ball with eye stalks, tentacles, blue robe and a goofy grin. It introduces himself, as The Darklord Fred the Second. Turns out we’d been getting Fred the 1st and Fred the 2nd mixed up our entire trip down here. I’ll be honest, at that moment I wanted to strangle someone. Unfortunately, we had no one to blame for this mess but ourselves.

Field Report: Dealings with Darklords



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