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Brief Summary

Owlysium itself is a city located on a small mountain and inhabits around 400 people at the moment. It can house more though based on the size of it. There is an aerial landing pad outside the outer wall.  The city seems to have several different layers as the center is located closely towards the mountain peak.

Services and NPC’s available

The Dancing Pony tavern is located in the lowest district where you land.  There is also a market district in the lower areas of the town.  We have not been to any of the upper levels.

Construction and History

We currently do not know the history of this place.


Will be updated when map is uncovered on Miro.

Notable NPC’s and Buildings:


Bo Marris

Bo Marris

Owlysian Priest

He was leading the patrol that found us by the river to the west of Owlysium.

Marsher Atrica

Marsher Atrica

Head Priest Favored by the Owlysian god: Aerdrie Faenya

Head Priest of the Owlysians.  Was caught a century ago by the spiders.  Currently assumed to be held prisoner.  Important figure but no current knowledge aside from statues, writings and depictions.

It is important to mention that the fog surrounded the whole area around the forest

Spiders, owl people and more spiders


There was a drow woman inside, wearing a black robe. Her name was Ailesha.

The spider temple and woodwork silk village


Barry think hear that the Owl people have a drow captive and that the name of the Owl captive the drow have be Marsher Atrica, head priest of Owl goddess Aerdrie Faenya

No hootenanny yet


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