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The Gnoll War II

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The oncoming war between the Blood Legion and WMC

Brief Summary

The enemies of WMC are now working together to wipe out the colony. The dark blood magic of the cult leader Tsaran, the military tactics of the Talos Dwarves, the ferocity of the Gnoll Horde and the monstrous abominations of Eziekiel now combining to grow an undead army to take complete control of katashaka

Recent Events

For updates on the forces see KB entry for The Blood Legion.


The adventurers of WMC have pieced together the clues to uncover the nefarious plot.

We’re all going to die, they



“All of our biggest enemies. The remnants of the Talos dwarves, the Gnolls, the crazed dungeon maker in the plains, the cultist… They are now banded together. These creatures which would normally never tolerate each other have banded together to stop us.

They are tired of us breaking their plans, stealing their equipment and destroying their camps. They will stop at nothing to destroy us.”

We’re all going to die, they are coming for WMC!


Bard, Leader of Men

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