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  • – Each Party will choose a Leader, Scout, and Trailblazer.
    • – At the start of each day the Scout will roll a Perception check in the Tower.
    • – At the start of each day the Trailblazer will roll a Survival check in the Tower.
    • – These checks are good for the whole day.
    • – The Perception will determine what you notice during travel and encounter distance.
    • – The Survival will determine map setup for encounters, and possible increase travel distance.
    • – The Leader, moves the token on the overland map and is the tie breaker on party votes.
  • – Introductions are done at the start of the session to give each other a feel of what your character can offer the group.
  • – Loot is equally distributed at the end of the session. Characters will roll for items, unless whole party decides that a character can take the item due to need or contribution. A character that takes an item will have that item’s market value deducted from their split of the gold.
  • – Party members are required to carry loot (items AND coins) and it can get lost.
  • – Just because a character carries a loot item does not mean they get to keep it… see above.
  • – There are generally four movement periods each day, each lasting three in-game hours.
      • – Movement through a hex with a road takes 1.5 hours, open hexes take 3 hours, Mountains and Swamps take 6 hours.
      • – At the end of the movement phases the party will generally have about 3 hours to hunt, interact, or perform other activities before the start of watches.
      • – Watch orders are set up on the Party Sheet window, there are four watch orders of 2 hours each. The Character on watch will roll a perception check in the tower.
      • – The character then can describe what their character is doing during their watch. General activities include, RP with someone on your watch, craft item if you have a skill or ability, prep new spell list for the next day if applicable.
      • – You are required to state that you are waking up the next watch before going to sleep. if you do not then they don’t wake up.
      • – Character with trance, such as elves, do not make a perception check on the off watches, and are considered awake but not alert.
  • – Avoid Meta (Player knowledge the Character would not have). We don’t state how many hit points we still have, how many death saves we have failed/succeeded, or what our ability bonuses are.
  • – All death saves are in the tower, a death save in the open is an automatic failure.
  • – Respect other player’s turns.  Don’t discuss tactics or make suggestions on someone else’s turn.  Let others play their characters.
  • – Roleplaying during introduction, traveling, or resting is where players should discuss tactics.
  • – NO ROLL FARMING!  If the the DM calls for an ability check, one person will make the roll. If that person is proficient they can be helped by another character, who must also be proficient, and roll with advantage.
  • – Spread the wealth and share the spot light on skill checks.



Server Darling

“Don’t interrupt/step on the DM’s.  Aside from just being rude/inconsiderate…nothing sucks more than losing important details because someone wants to sneak an action in before combat starts.”


Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager

 “Don’t try to fight a troll as a level 1 wizard”


Riding His Luck

“Read your abilities before a game so you know what your things do. If you have questions please ask in the discord so we can help you understand them.  We’re all nerds who love D&D and nothing gives us pleasure like explaining abilities to people.

“In combat try to think of what your character wants to do before it’s your turn and sometimes it’s okay to just take the defensive action and wait till next turn.”


Cool Dude

“If you want to write a log later: keep notes. Bulletpoints help.”

If someone goes down, try to save them (ie heal them) immediately. Dynamic Init means you’ve no clue when they’ll be making death saves, or when the opponents are going to coup de grace them.”


Pretty Good


Expert On All Things

“When encumbered and in a bad situation, drop the bag and run”

Resident Raccoon


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