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Brief Summary

A very ancient Hausion who has been trapped in the ancient prison of the Primordial Gorgontillian. Has aged to the point he can barely move. Physically weak but has a lot of knowledge of the time before the sundering. Is not originally from this plane.This is where you write about your significant recent dealings with this NPC.  Include links to relevant places and/or logs.

Recent Activity

Yassairian has now come in contact with adventurers from White Moon Cove. After showing them to “the Artifact” he has discovered something has desecrated it.

The bindings that hold this ancient creature are starting to deteriorate, Yassairian can repair this. To fix the bindings adventures must locate a book and find three items from “Mother”, “Howls in the Night”, and “The Eye”. These items will unlock “The Archive” which has what Yassairian needs to repair “The Artifact.”

The book was identified as Eyesack’s “spell book” which received some magical attention from an unknown entity.  To date, only the stone from “Mother” and the cauldron from “The Eye” have been found.  The book itself has been held by Fiver following Eyesack’s demise.  Any leads on what “Howls in the Night” should be communicated to Fiver or his sibling.

If Gorgontillian manages to release himself from his prison it would be a cataclysmic event.


Yassairian is part of a race of humanoids that traversed the planes when the primordials ruled. He was part of a group known as Guardians whom imprisoned the ancient primordial Gorgontillian. While searching for something that was important he became stuck in the tomb and has spent untold millennia in solitude. He no longer can remember what object he was searching for that got him trapped.

While not an engineer of the tomb,  he was one of the magic users that worked on the ancient magical imprisonment of Gorgontillian.


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Alignment: Unknown | Good

Faction: Guardians


“Only a few steps in we came across a small room in which sat an old man. When I say old, I mean impossibly ancient. The man had lost his ability to walk because of sitting in his chair for untold millennia. He told us his name was Yassairian and though he looked human he was from a race known as Hausion. This dude predates the sundering, even the ancient tabaxi we’ve come here to investigate.


Things we know…

  • Yassairian the Hausion is a guardian that got trapped.
  • Never heard of the Council.
  • has traveled the different planes since a small boy.
  • worked with ancient deep, forgotten magics
  • was not an engineer.
  • will turn to dust if he leaves.
  • he is like really, really old. Pre-Sundering.
  • this place is a prison for an ancient evil primordial Gorgontillian.
  • the primordial is held by deep magics focused through something called the artifact.
  • the artifact is either a device inside the sarcophagus/ or is the body of the leader of the Guardians.
  • leader of the guardians is Wes’Lornond.
  • the sarcophagus is damaged and needs to be repaired by Yassairian.
  • to repair it we need to access “The Archive”
  • to access “The Archive” we need a book and three items from beings he referred to as “Patrons”.
    A stone from “Mother”
    A knife from “Howls in the Night”
    A cauldron from “The Eye””

Old Man Yass or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the tomb.

Yatari Silverkin

Local Bard

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