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Rekbi’s Guide to Poisons

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What is this guide?

This guide is meant as a deep dive into the use of poisons, dealing with, buying and the very important Crafting Poison System from a damage dealer perspective such as the mysterious Rogue Rekbi! Yours truly.

The color code below has been implemented to help you identify, at a glance, how good that option will be for your Rogue. This color coding isn’t a hard and fast rule; there are plenty of sub-optimized options out there that will be viable to your party and will be fun to play.

Red isn’t going to contribute to the effectiveness of your character build at all
Orange is an OK option
Green is a good option
Blue is a great option.
Sky Blue is an amazing option, a must pick.


Read the Crafting Quickstart and Basic of Poison, they are your bible and instruction of death




First time playing with poison kills you or makes you fall in love with these materials, Rekbi knows and will help you but Rekbi doesn’t know what you know so a refresher first yes?

Poisoned: A poisoned creature has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks.

There’s four types of poison:

  • Contact: It touches exposed skin.
  • Ingested: You swallow a full dose. Swallowing a partial dose might have a reduced effect or easier save.
  • Inhaled: Powder or gas that creates a cloud that fills a 5 foot cube.
  • Injury: You coat a weapon with this stuff and stab your victim. The poison enters the victim’s blood stream.

Ways to deal with being Poisoned

  • Antitoxin:
    Antitoxin costs around 50-60 gp bought from Ursula in the The Witch’s Cauldron.
    When you drink this, you gain advantage on saves vs. poison for 1 hour.
  • Lay on Hands:
    Paladins can lay on hands, though bastard hard to kill, they can choose to neutralize a poison affecting a person.
  • Magic Potons:
    There’s a bunch of potions that can help you deal with poison in case you posion yourself by accident:
    -Potion of Resistance to Poison
    You take half damage from poison for one hour
    -Potion of Vitality
    This very rare (expensive) potion will cure any poison affecting you.
  • Spells
    -Lesser Restoration
    Detect Poison and Disease
    Doesn’t actually prevent you from getting poisoned but they can use it to detect a spiked drink.
    -Purify Food and Drink
    No fun at parties, it renders all food and drinks within 5 feet free of poison, only party poopers have this.
    -Protection from Poison
    It neutralize the poison and protects them from poison for an hour.

Poison Starting Recipes

When you get poison proficiency you can pick three from these five poisons.

Basic Acid Coat You need to hit and the creature needs to pass a Con save or suffer acid damage, there are better poisons available.
Basic Affliction Poison You need to hit and the creature needs to pass a Con save or be poisoned, it’s a good debuf on enemies but a lot of creatures are immune and save at end of turn.
Basic Blast Oil No save? Damage on hit and one of the least Resisted/Immunities to deal with? I think I’m in love. This is a must have.
Basic Lightning Oil No save and damage on hit like blast oil, more resisted and immunities to deal with but still a great option.
Basic Poison Coat No save and damage on hit like blast oil but one of the more resisted damage types.

Refining Poisons

Only available to Poison and often overlooked but with poison you can refine a potion you know into a higher level version without having to roll on the experimentaiton table for a random result.

Mastering poison is a process of technique and refinement. Unlike spells, you cannot make a level 1 poison with a higher level slot. Instead, you must learn how to refine and hone a poison at a higher level. You may attempt to learn a refined version of the poison by spending the necessary component cost and making a crafting check against and the Experiment Difficulty Class for the crafting level of the recipe. Through this you can learn to advance your craft, but the experimentation does not yield usable results from this process.

Poison Novice

Let’s go over the list of poisons.

Name Tier Base Price Recipe Price Effect Special
Basic Acid Coat Novice 25 75 Extra 2d4 Acid N/A
Basic Affliction Poison Novice 25 75 poisoned for 1 minute N/A
Basic Blast Oil Novice 25 75 1d4 thunder N/A
Basic Explosive Oil* Novice 25 N/A 4d4 force damage 1d6 force damage recoil
Basic Flame Oil Novice 25 75 1d4 Fire dim torch light
Basic Frost Oil Novice 25 75 1d4 Cold N/A
Basic Keen Oil Novice 25 75 Next attack crits on a 19 or 20 dim radiant light
Basic Lightning Oil Novice 25 75 1d4 lightning N/A
Basic Mind-Piercing Poison* Novice 25 N/A 1d6 psychic damage uses target’s int score for AC
Basic Poison Coat Novice 25 75 1d4 poison N/A
Basic Sleeping Oil Novice 25 75 if it has less than 1d8 HP, it falls asleep N/A
Basic Stone Oil Novice 25 75 slowed 1 round N/A
Basic Sundering Gel* Novice 25 N/A AC-1 for 1 round DC lowers by 1 every time it’s used against the same creature
Basic Vampiric Gel* Novice 25 N/A 3d6 necrotic heal half of that
Rekbi is heading out, more to follow
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