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Underdark Sage

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Brief Summary

The Underdark Sage is a Beholder with questionable motives.  He’s been essential in uncovering and understanding the Elder Shards.  Information has been traded with him regarding the Portals, resulting in new insights.  The Sage has also been implicated as duplicitous by the Ruined Oak Monoliths.

Recent Activity

The Sage has traded information with our adventuring parties on several occasions.  It is advised that you proceed with caution.


The Sage was first written about by Karash.  His party sought the beholder on the advice of Drow.  Chemist had looked into the dark elves’ lake and been enchanted somehow.  The party ventured to the Sage in an effort to cure him.


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Alignment: Neutral | Neutral

Faction: Unknown

“…We asked the elves what we could do about Chemist’s condition… The elves advised us to find the “Sage” who lives nearby… we found the place where the “Sage” was living… he spoke a terrifying language that we were not familiar with. After a while, the “Sage” offered us a shard of darkly shining rock… Roderick decided to accept the shard. When he touched it, the shard jumped into the air and then drilled into the chest of the foolish halfling. … the “Sage” suggested to Roderick that he search for more shards. This would grant him “unlimited power”. Strangely enough, Roderick seemed to be quite interested in the meatball’s offer.”

Of Floating Meatballs and Dark Shards in the Underdark


THE Barbarian

“We headed to see the Sage and the location I thought held the corruption altar. We arrived at the huge cavern with mist and castle and Sage appeared before us, rising from the mists like before. He told us much, the shrine I seek is in the Lowerdark, while the elf village and Sage are in the Middledark. Also some locations for Elder Shards and shard fragments… When we asked sage about the council he said and they are misguided and act without their original intent. He also said that this island wasn’t prison island originally but for some other purpose.”

Underdark adventure and Elder Shard information


Paladin of Tempus

“Known as ‘The Sage’, I don’t think anyone should heed his advice.  The Beholder has obviously seen many years and fits the riddle posted outside of Ruined Oak: ‘Stripped of many eyes, battleworn, guiding those hungry for power, duplicity’.  Karash and Orson conversed with this being and but I was very suspect of its motives.  Most of the talk revolved around the location of the Elder Shards but I’ll keep that information at a need-to-know level.

The ‘Sage’ did reveal a few portal locations which deserve a visit.”

No Graves Necessary


Bard Extraordinaire

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