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Trader’s Bay

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Brief Summary

A pirate city on the far West coast of Katashaka. It lies about a days travel (with teleport) from the UIF portal.

Services and NPC’s available

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This is where we can keep track of what has been built and what is planned.  Include links to relevant places and/or logs.  The White Moon Cove adventurer’s first learned of Trader’s Bay from the Tortles at/on Ahoyahoy.


The rules of Trader’s Bay are reportedly:
1. What happens in Trader’s Bay, stays in Trader’s Bay.
2. Unsanctioned killing will be punished by death.
3. The use of Magic is prohibited within the port, except where expressly posted that it is allowed, offenders will be apprehended and dealt with accordingly.
4. This is a place to make money and enjoy yourselves.  Thus any qualms you have with anyone you see within Trader’s Bay, stays outside.
5. Trader’s Bay is a place for the people, if you are found to be causing issues within Trader’s Bay, you will be temporarily, or permanently removed.

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Notable NPC’s and Buildings:




Innkeeper of The Broken Mast




Magnificent Mage

I don’t even know anymore.

We reached a salty bit of water and used aerial surveillance to look around a bit to the north because Szordian told us the town with the bakery was basically due west of the portal, just past the mountains. Sylvan spotted some smoke coming from a cove so we went over by air to see if it was the place we were looking for…”

Welcome to Trader’s Bay


Bloody fight insued, with the captain getting away, several pirates dying and 2 pirate prisoners being tied up and taken with us. They revealed their ship should be on its way back to Trader’s Bay with the captain and their ill-gotten gains.”

Pirates, Cultists, and Evaaa


Upon reaching the Bay, we realized something very, very important: We had no portal stones to return to White Moon Cove.”

Always Bring The Stones


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