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Name: Unknown | Guardian: Cleared | Location: Unknown

Brief Summary

The WHI Portal Code is speculated to lead to a region in Northwest Katashaka.  Home to Briggdarrow.

Recent Activity

The Underdark Sage referred to WHI as a “Proto Island”


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Corruption and Archives and Scorpions Oh My – Ellie
The Cleansing of WHI: Your Guide – Sylvan
The Lands of WHI – Sylvan


Old Map Pin | New Map Pin

Once done, we inserted the portal stones with the code WHI. A portal surrounded by tentacles appear and we jumped through. The other side was a place with torrential downpour, the clouds blocking out any light.

WHI Portal Battle


“…this time we found… a lot.  To the east of the WHI portal, theres a small town named ‘Briggdarrow’…”

Why Haru WHI?


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