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  Contacting Eddings

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Wine, Song and Roots

First, the boring stuff:DM: GeokhanSession Date: 19th October 2021 at 23.00UTCPlayers/Character:Tootired78: Barley, Druid 3 - Male human, middle aged, looks grumpy and present himself as a druid; Hate jokes about druids, and expressed last group has not been...

A Ode to Fallen Friends and the Blight Ere Took’em

Not long had my tired feet rested upon this island acursedWhen into the tavern of Ruined Oak as me burstTwo distraugth souls, tired and wearyLost two friends to creatures most scaryThe surving souls names was Lina and AgbariTheir tale in me and Artanis awoke something...

A table, a chair, and a stove.

Players: Nog 8, Coral 7, Gau 9, Katla 8, Barry 8, Cavendish 8.Nog finds Nogself going on another road building  trip with some old friends and some new friends. This time Nog go closer to part of the island Nog remembers better working on road to Jub Jubs. Trip to...

Finding a stolen seal.

by Omelette | 11-October-2021 | Logs DM: Calmseeker TheOddity-DimbleNaiiz-AlessioOmelette-OrgeronTrulhummaren-Iso KurWaylander-DantragTroy-Cavendish We startedof in Ruined Oak when a young Dwarf named Kilion, apprentice ambassador for Rehope Dwarves aprouched at the...

  About Eddings

Who is this enigmatic bard?  I will tell you… soon…

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