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  Contacting Eddings

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Report – Westward to Blackchasm Keep

February 18th, 2021 DM - Krforget93 Party - Amal, Gottlieb, Istasha, Jerime, Murdrum, Samael I've been informed that we should be making logs of our jobs, and even I understand the importance of proper bookkeeping, so I'll be sure to do so from now on, with an...

Of Cultists and a Spooky Castle

Murdrum / Half-Elf / Sor 2-War 2 Samael / Human / Rog 2 / Cartographer Istasha / Goliath / Pug 2 / Leader & Chronicler Gottlieb / Half-Elf / Pal 3 / Trailblazer Amal / Human / Fig 3-Rog 1 / Scout Jerime / Gnome / Rog 3 (Doctor) DM: krforget93 Date: 18 Feb 2021, ...

First Encounters with the Great Mage Crommwell

14 FEB 2021 DM: Calmseeker PARTY: Zak, Joule, Naal, Chemist, Tar, Cober, EightAs word had gotten about town of a great dark wizard named "Crommwell", a group of adventurers had made a point to search this fellow out and see to his undoing.  The morning of came for all...

That time I grappled a Behir and a Frost Giant.

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Party: Zugall- The strongest known Rune Knight in all of Katashaka! Also a member of PTI and friends of Marcus and Shrieker.(Fighter)Marcus- Brave cleric and wise beyond his age...

  About Eddings

Who is this enigmatic bard?  I will tell you… soon…

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