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  Contacting Eddings

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Coastal Walk:

DM: Calmseeker Date: February 11, 2023 – March 3, 2023 Gergonin             Dragonborn       Warlock 2           (ZomBChucky) Killian...

Uninvited Guest

Gringal's Hut Trying to track down information on this 'master' is proving to be more twisted than swamp roots. After our last venture we learned the likely location of one of the masters spawn so we decided to track them down and see what could be learned. Galli, A...

Friends and Fiends

DM: CalmseekerDate: December 21, 2022 - January 19, 2023 Alessio (Cleric 1/Fighter 5/Ranger 3) (naiiz) Kirnis (Warlock 5/Sorcerer 4) (Genthrock) Orgeron (Fighter 3/Paladin 6) (Omelette) Wheeze (Grave warden 10) (Troy) Vivi (Sorcerer 7) (Konopa) Dimble (Sorcerer 10)...

A short journey

TLDR; We sailed out to the ruins to find many boats together attacked by chuul that were controled my some strange mage. After killing them and diving underwater to kill the mage we found that the captain of these ships were Slavier who we were looking for. He gave us...

  About Eddings

Who is this enigmatic bard?  I will tell you… soon…

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