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Hello there!

My name is Kotoh, the great manipulator of time and space, though my mighty sleep I forward time and through my eating I change space!

Oh you came here to learn about my creator Marrak?
Fine, fine let me grab this book so you can read up on him 


A masked humanoid wearing a red robe and often seen with a paint brush, he seeks “inspiration” from adventures.

Pets and Companions

Loki the Mastif

The Crafting Corner


Novice – Learned Recipes

Precision Script
Broad Script
Short-handed Script

Intermediate – Learned Recipes

Encircling Script
Long-handed Script
Paper Shelter
Poison and Disease Detection Scroll

Advanced- Learned Recipes

Evil and Good Detection Scroll
Imposing Script


Learning finished around 6 July 2020

Marrak’s Spellbook

Marrak's Spellbook

Marrak’s spellbook along with anything written on its pages, can’t be damaged by fire or immersion in water.
In addition, his spellbook doesn’t deteriorate with age (enduring Spellbook)

1st Tier Spells

Absorb Elements (R) (S) (S)
Alarm (RIT) (V,S,M) (30)
Catapult (S)
Comprehend Languages (RIT) (S) (V,S,M)
Detect Magic (S) (C) (RIT) (V,S)
Disguise Self (S) (V,S)
Expeditious Retreat (S) (V,S)
False Life (S) (V,S,M)
Find Familiar (RIT) (10) ($) (V,S,M)
Identify (RIT) (T) ($) (V,S,M)
Illusory Script (RIT) (T) ($) (S,M)
Jump (T) (V,S,M)
Magic Missile (120) (V,S)
Protection from Evil and Good (T) (C) (V,S,M)
Shield (R) (S) (V,S)
Silent Image (60) (C) (V,S,M)
Tenser’s Floating Disk (30) (RIT) (V,S,M)

2nd Tier Spells

Blindness/Deafness (30)
Darkness (60) (C)
Detect Thoughts (S) (C) ($)
Flaming Sphere (60) (C)
Invisibility (T) (C)
Knock (60)
Mirror Image (S)
Misty Step (B) (S)
Nystul’s Magic Aura (T)
Phantasmal Force (60) (C)
Pyrotechnics (60)
See Invisibility (S)
Shatter (60)
Spider Climb (T) (C)
Warding Wind (S) (C)

3rd Tier Spells

Animate Dead (V, S, M)
Counterspell (R) (60)
Confusion (V,S,M) (C)
Control Water (V,S,M) (C)
Dispel Magic (120)
Fireball (150)
Hypnotic Pattern (120) (C)
Leomund’s Tiny Hut (S-10) (RIT)
Lightning Bolt (S-100)
Magic Circle (10) ($)
Major Image (120) (C)
Nondetection (T) ($)
Remove Curse (T) (V, S)
Phantom Steed (RIT) (30)
Sleet Storm (150) (C)
Summon Shadow Spirit (C) (V,S,M) ($)
Summon Undead Spirit (C) (V,S,M) ($)
Tiny Servant (T) (V,S)

4th Tier Spells

Banishment (60) (C)
Dimension Door (500)
Greater Invisibility (T) (C)
Hallucinatory Terrain (300)
Ice Storm (300)
Leomund’s Secret Chest (T) ($)
Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere (30) (C)
Polymorph (60) (C)
Sickening Radiance (120) (C)

5th Tier Spells

Cloudkill (120) (C)
Conjure Elemental (90) (C)
Creation (30)
Far Step (B) (S) (C)
Hold Monster (90) (C)
Mislead (S) (C)
Modify Memory (V,S) (C)
Rary’s Telepathic Bond (30)
Passwall (V,S,M) 
Skill Empowerment (T) (C) (V,S)
Synaptic Static (120) (V,S)
Seeming (V,S)
Teleportation Circle (10) ($) (V,M)
Wall of Force (120) (C) (V,S,M)
Wall of Stone (120) (V,S,M)

6th Tier Spells

Globe of Invulnerability (S-10) (C)
Programmed Illusion (120) ($)

7th Tier Spells

Mirage Arcane (Sight)
Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion (300) ($)
Project Image (500 miles) (C) ($)
Teleport (10)

Polymorph Shapes

Mammoth – Neal

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