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Grimmys, The Dark

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Grimmys, The Dark

Brief Summary

Grimmys is an ancient black dragon being worshiped by kobolds as a god.

Recent Activity

 A party recently found a group of kobolds and proceeded to bribe the kobold into leading them to Grimmys. From multiple points of view Grimmys seemed no not care for talking or the offerings and proceeded to toy with the adventurers. Having two fight each other and biting another in half. The survivors of the party proceeded to run away.

Grimmys is also a known ally of the Gnoll army and has an army of Black Scale Kobolds who worship him.


Grimmys has resided in the swamps for a while now. The first logged confrontation was a party of nine who discovered the kobolds and were tricked into following them back to their “God”. Grimmys then demanded they fight some of his kobolds for entertainment. Four perished in the fight and were devoured by the dragon. Of the five who survived Grimmys allowed two to leaved and kept three for himself.

There was an attempt to build a statue to appease the dragon and allow us to build a road through his land but that fell through. 


New Map Pin  ( Approximate location of Grimmys )

Alignment: Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic/Unknown | Evil 

Faction: Followers of Grimmys

His Highness the Dragon, known colloqiually as ‚Grimmys“ – or did I mishear and it was to be „Grimace“? -considered the “generous offering” an insult and started his retaliation by biting Ulta into two pieces and swallowing him.

Don’t Feed the Anim^WDragon!


 we attempted negotiations trying to bargain for our lives at that point however I was attacked by Ssej or kepesk  I don’t know who because not even a moment after I was unconscious dying  the next thing I remember was waking up in the cave entrance seeing  indi’s desiccated corpse

Dragons in the Ghostwood!!!!


the ground shook with the approach from the wyrm. those who survived and saw him told me it was at least 20 meters tall, and i do not doubt them. they made their offerings, the wyrm demanded entertainment, and commanded one to subdue another. when the screams and the awful crunching sounds started, oxalis and i started running.

Feeding Grimmys/Grimace


“We tried to make a deal of trade with the dragon, he wanted us to be his entertainment instead. He called out a good number of Kobolds to fight us for his pleasure, the outer areas of the large cave filling with cheering Kobolds.”

The Black March



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