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Brief Summary

Rashida is head of the Dept of Security for the GKE, which is the equivalent of the Dept of Homeland Security or Black Ops. Generally a cold and quiet person, but will come out of her shell when food is involved; particularly spicy dishes and fatty meats.

She is what the Khenra refer to as a Deathcaller, which happens when one twin dies at birth. They have open communication between the dead and the living without nercomantic means as we would classify them, rather they can draw power from the beyond to fuel their magic.

           – Deathcallers are powerful casters, revered as sacred and blessed; with a defining feature being they always have pure black
             fur. They seek long forgotten knowledge buried within forgotten tombs, and hidden places of interest.


Recent Activity

 She has contacted members of AFK to retrieve a mysterious scroll for her in a tomb


Recently attended a dinner with members from AFK to discuss the border agreement. Was bribed with a Fire Fruit which she wasn’t given, resulting in the group going on an extended mission to give one to her.


Generally dislikes politics. Meet her in a restaurant if possible, and use a direct approach.

Can also give a small blessing to some, though details surrounding this are vague at best


Alignment: Unkown

Faction: GKE

“She enjoys her food more than her politics, Snowball can appreciate that.”

Desert Diplomacy


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