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The Elder Shards

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Brief Summary

We know very little about the Elder Shards, their powers, or their purpose.  Three shard fragments, combined in the same person, will form an Elder Shard.  The shards bond to whoever touches them, as long as they don’t use divine magic.  Those in possession of divine magic should be careful and avoid interacting with the shards, or risk injury.  Once in the possession of the shard, the person will start hearing a strange voice, and if their will is not strong enough, they become erratic, maybe even obsessed with finding more fragments and making the shards whole. 

Recent Activity

Those in search of shards are called Hunters. If not fully in control of themselves, they can become aggressive in the presence of others who possess shards. One such incident happened in White Moon Cove between the adventurer Tyil and Saa Azeikan.

Known adventurers in the possession of shards

  • • Chemist: One Elder Shard, taken from Uzza after she rejected her own, perviously taken from Nylmir the Dream eater. Two shard fragments, one received directly from the Sage, the other given to Roderick by the Sage then taken by Chemist
  • Tohil Swiftblade: One Shard Fragment, was once owned by Snazmig – Ruler of underdark city. Taken by Karash, moved to Tohil.
  • Snails: One Shard Fragment, obtained after the deaths of Scorch and Tyil, other adventurers. Taken by Scorch from the Crevice by WMC.


Most Elder Shards seem to be guarded or owned in some way, while shard fragments seem to be scattered around the world.


Descriptions of the potential locations of the Elder Shards and the shards fragments come from two mains sources, Saa Azeikan and the Underdark Sage.

Claimed and guarded

Tohil's Elder Shard

Saa’s description

“Deep within the ground, where no light can reach, a stronghold of fire.”

Additional Information

Elder Shard retrieved after killing its guardian –  Snazmig Grimdelver. Once in the possession of Karash, now guarded by Tohil after Karash’s death.

Chemist's Elder Shard

Saa’s description

Delve into stone corrupted, engulfed by darkness, guarded by the dream eater.

The Sage’s description

“A corrupted temple with something called Dream Eater has Elder Shard.”

Additional Information

Once in the possession of Nilmir the Dream Eater, former tyrant of the Black Delve. Taken by Uzza. Months later, she tore it out of her chest, dying in the process, but being revived by the shard. Chemist then took the shard.

Note: WMC RP role req’d to view the last two links

Blood Lake Shard

Saa’s description

“Within the crimson lake of life and death, bubbling from below.”

The Sage’s description

“Crimson lake somewhere has Elder Shard.”

Additional Information
Some sort of blood lake somewhere – it bubbles


SQW Shard

Saa’s description

A foreign desert, glistening like diamonds, surrounded by water.

The Sage’s description 

Desert glistening like diamonds.

The Ethereal’s description

“Bring Elder Shards to the desert that glitters to find the Dark Lake

He does not respect my Lords wishes.

Before the birth of the royal child

I do not know where that is.

If you can not go into the deepest depths and you can find the Dark Lake

I know within me that you must bring them there.”

Additional Information

Portal code: SQW

This is a different desert than the Desert of Flies.


DRM Shard

Saa’s description

A mire abandoned by the favor of the gods, return alive, return sullied.”

The Sage’s description

Mire with Elder Shard is near portal.

Additional Information

Portal code: DRM
Possibly guarded by the aberration that ruined Zak Songheart.

GAN: Deep Ones (?) Shard

Saa’s description

Into the depths the cliffs go on forever, unrelenting cold and darkness.

The Sage’s description

There are cliffs that go on forever, unrelenting cold and darkness will crush those unprepared.

Additional Information

Portal code: GAN

The depths with an enemy of our previous wars who I guess are the deep ones I have read about.

Splintered fragments seeped into the world

Chemist's Shard Fragments

Saa’s description

Stripped of many eyes, battleworn, guiding those hungry for power, duplicity.

Additional Information

Chemist has two shard fragments, one originally given to him by the Sage, the other given to Roderick by the Sage. Roderick’s shard was taken by Chemist upon Roderick’s death.

Trinket Shard

Saa’s description

A trinket, collected on private display.”

Snails's Shard Fragment

Saa’s description

Violently, the earth was sundered, from within 6 legged abomination emerged from the horrors that lie beneath the dirt.

The Sage’s description

Near WMC is a place with sundered earth that holds Elder Shard somewhere deep.

Additional Information

Initially retrieved by Scorch, then taken by Tyil, then taken by Snails. 

The whole cavern collapsed after the shard fragment was retrieved.

DOF Shard

Saa’s description

A green dome of glass, within your blood will boil if you stay too long.

The Sage’s description

Green dome.

Additional Information

Portal code: DOF

Travel underground or ask gnomes or dog folk for how to avoid something.

Boat Shard?

Saa’s description

By boat he plundered, by the bay he drank, his ship ravaged by the shore.”

The Sage’s description

Something about crashed boat with skeletons with black hats, golden coins and rum.”

Unknown if guarded or not

UIF Shard

The Sage’s description

Far west of portal is shard fragment in small alcove near the mountains.

Additional Information

Portal code: UIF



We headed to see the Sage and the location I thought held the corruption altar. We arrived at the huge cavern with mist and castle and Sage appeared before us, rising from the mists like before. He told us much, the shrine I seek is in the Lowerdark, while the elf village and Sage are in the Middledark. Also some locations for Elder Shards and shard fragments

Underdark adventure and Elder Shard information


 As we approached the orb took the form of a strange shard, this must have been what we were looking for! After looking into it I got a feeling that this shard was not fully on the plane of existence we were on, it somehow was phasing in between here and the material plane…. We as a group then came to the conclusion that rather than deciding for one of us to touch it and potentially going down we would all touch it at once! On the count of 3 we touched it and BAM!! Rein and Viran were flung across the room knocking against the wall falling unconscious, the other party members I believe stood there stunned and myself falling to the ground, not falling unconscious but rather feeling like something was absorbed into me….

Are these voices in my head?


“My eyes lit on Scorch. Some kind of giant dragon-dog hybrid was tearing him apart and eating him alive. The kobolds looked on at the scene, but also were looking above me in the pile. Floating above the bone pile, I noticed a familiar purple glow. The shard had abandoned Scorch and the kobolds looked on in awe.

There was no time to contemplate. I knew what must be done. Clawing my way out, I climbed to the top of the pile. I must have seemed like the risen dead. “Behold! This belongs to the powerful! Not sniveling weaklings. This, belongs to ME!”, and I reached out claiming the shard. Its power slammed into me and I felt I may die anyway, but I stood through the pain as a voice echoed from the shard.

Shard: See this champion, true power surges through his blood, slaying half your lair by himself, he will walk my path.”

Kobolds are NOT friends!…er..(except Sneks)


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