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Illithids Of the Underdark

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The Illithids of the under dark are found by touching the jet black and blood red door found just past the drow fishing encampment. in a room full of stalagmites and stalagmites the door handles will teleport you to a blood filled room where you will be confronted by several illithids show them that you are of white moon cove and they wont kill you at least I think they wont. the people who brokered a deal with the Illithids used Ruined oak as a home base and if you can persuade them they may or may not teleport you to either ruined oak and or the doors that you entered into their domain with. do not accept a teleport to anywhere other than RUINED OAK they will kill and enslave everything and everything other than the people of WMC and ruined oak Do not trust the Illithids. they will betray you and are only kind to dark lord Fred the 2nd and those who he considers his friends the Illithids will find any and all loop holes to kill people and gain another food source.

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