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” …the Red or orange X is the portal, green is Trader’s Bay, two white ones are sunken treasures, the green circle to the north is a known village perpetually in snow (possible site for making a simulacrum) and the orange X to the south is where a proposed town to would go.”

Name: Unknown | Guardian: Cleared | Location: Mostly Known

Brief Summary

The UIF portal likely lies on the far West coast of island and about a days travel (with teleport) from Trader’s Bay pirate town.

Recent Activity

The Underdark Sage says an Elder Shard is located far West of the portal in a mountain alcove.


The Portal’s code was given by the wizard Szordian. UIF is considered to be extremely dangerous. Szordian describes it as follows:

“Be warned though, it is not something to trifle with. The last guardians that were there concerned even myself. That was many many years ago, but the sentiment still remains.”

“I’m not certain what is there now. Last I was there it was a barren wasteland left from the scars of a battle between The Council and an upriser. They felt the need to turn it into a show rather than quickly dispatch him.”


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Vuldred fired a nice opening volley at one of the Wolfes and then tried to get some distance to them, as he was able to ignore the difficult terrain, but so were the wolves. and we were to slow to reach and protect him. They singled him out, paralyzed him and killed him. I was too late to save him.”

The Slow Clear of UIF


Ta do that we wanted to chart the stars of a lot of different places. Que going to UIF, Que ambush. These devil fucks shot me with so many arrows I don’t even know how to explain it.

It was supposed to be a quick trip.


The trip took us West from the portal through the lands of the Ariadne because Phil suggested it and then we went South West from there. We traveled along the mountains for the rest of the first day when we met some air elementals that were so new to existence that they tried to steal Isaac’s carpet out of childishness. 

Welcome to Traders Bay

Artix von Krieger

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