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Yatari Silverkin

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Yatari Silverkin

Race: Tiefling, Glasya

Age: Early 20s

Hair: Pitch Black, in a top knot

Eyes: Dark Red with Yellow iris

Height: 6’2″

Profession: Bard, Violinist.

Children: Iris the Beholder



Yatari arrived to Sleeper Island with her twin sister Yavari. Adventuring life did not take well for Yavari and she has since taken the ship back to the mainland.

While a generally good, sweet, and perky person; Yatari does wear a holy symbol of Asmodeus, whom she refers to as her Great, Great. Great. Great, Great Grand Pop. She may not generally approve of his ideological stand points, but she doesnt pay it much mind. She assumes he is really just a man of his times and is just outdated with his rhetoric. She has never met him but assumes when she perishes she will get to.

Never found far from her black and red violin she has named “Home Wrecker”. She can often be caught at the Potted Plant playing music. Her favorite song to play is Mr Grumpy Grumps which is a song about her fallen friend (who despite not wanting to be) a goblin named Sender.

Yatari is a very curious and enthusiastic adventurer. She tends to romanticize the morbid possibilities of dieing on sleeper island and is very prone to testing portals assuming her luck will hold out. When not adventuring or playing music she tends to pour over the collected stories and logs at White Moon Cove and loves to write her findings as well.

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