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Upon the North-western coast, near the GQE Portal.
There lies a City of Yuan-ti.

The City has a caste system. It is strongly followed, and there are documents of pedigree to prove which cast people are from.
The following castes and their names are known;

The Coya, who are the head honchos of their respective departments.
The Capa, who are the middle tier citizens, the merchants, the store owners, and such.
The Curacas, who are the working class citizens, they make ends meet and have things to say
And there is the Rats, who are the “pureblood Yuan-ti”s. the lowest citizen, little more than serfs.

The city boasts a strong defence. Constant patrols, heavy fortifications. Skirmishers roam around the area. Infiltrating the area should be done with caution. Ideally use some form of long distance monitoring, such as familiars or people who can fly with invisibility.

[reserved for more information]

It is currently advices to steer clear as our relations with the Yuan-ti in and from this city are not good.
Steer clear of this area unless you have a specific reason for being here.

Also of importance is that the denizens of this city are currently in bad standing with the Lizardfolk living in Port MIrandia.
Plus, we currently have spies employed in the city, who will let us know of developments in the city’s hierarchy.

Avoid area surrounding the town too due to constant patrols and skirmisher forces.

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