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Wise Woman Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn is know to us as a helpful lady who lives in Nethy’s Woods. She has vast knowledge of these woods and asl has multiple ways to improve travel through the woods. She can offer a blessing to mounts to allow them to move more freely in the woods and she also has a system of trees at different locations you can portal through.

Recent Activity

The Blight Tree

The Blight Can affect those around it with noxious gas, so ranged weapons are a must against it. It has the ability to manipulate your perception of the land around it, so counters to illusory magic are also needed. It is said to lure you in by changing the landscape, and using its lesser blight minions, of which it has plenty, to funnel you together into its law and devour you. Expect high acid damage. It and it’s minions are also very stealth my, able to move undetected by adventurers and are said to be moving south in search of sustenance for their blight. While adventurers wanted to trim the blight for the next group, apparently the Tree can freely create more minions for little cost from the blighted land, making it imperative to clear the entire blighted territory in one fell swoop. Only the most advanced adventurers may tackle the beast.

Gave WMC a silver bell that can summon a fairy name Mindel when near the blight tree. This bell is in the archive for those who need it when going to the blight tree.

Mindel the Fairy

Neathy’s Kobolds

Red Tribe

Agreed to work with the Grey Tribe in brokering peace with Whte Moon Cove and Ruined Oak in a message sent back

Grey Tribe

Their diplomats to the Red Tribe were captured by a party of adventurers trying to find out what exactly the Neathy’s kobolds were up to. One tried to escape and was killed by an AFK member. That member Admitted to the Grey Tribe leader that it was his arrow that killed the diplomat and he offered a Periapt of Health as reparation. The Grey Tribe leader accepted this apology and it looks like both AFK and the Neathy Kobold tribes can work towards a truce.

Neathy’s Centipedes

A party of adventurers fought a few of these nasty creatures before, but Gwendolyn has hinted that more maybe lurking in the woods.

Blood Cult Altar

Someone is attempting to repair an old blood cult altar



Gwendolyn seems to have a group of people working with her in the woods. This may be referred to as the Neathy”s Defense Force

Tenimis – a Golaiath

Hianke – Bugbear

Bavis – Half-Elf

Asuka –

Misks –

Has a son name Zak

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