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Garden of Flowers

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Garden of Flowers

Garden of Flowers is an old Tabaxi that lives in a broken down tower south of the bridge by Port Mirandia. He has a wealth of knowledge about the not only the north western region of Katashaka, but the entire island.

Garden’s Tower

Recent Activity

The Altis Warriors and the Shadow Queen

He has knowledge of the history of the warriors and some of the key locations.

Palace of Malitor (Altis Warrior Fort)

Ancient Tabaxi Tomb

He is one of if not the only remaining Keeper of the Tabaxi Tomb outside of the Forest of Thorns. He warns of a great evil being locked inside of that place. The golden door is an artifact and will attempt to curse any non-Tabaxi who touches it. This tomb had writing of two great kings who maybe buried there. He said they are the Yaun-Ti and Lizardfolk kings who used to be allied in a war vs the Tabaxi Tribe.

Tabaxi Tomb Location

Ogre Slavers

The river fort in the Valley of Smote had a group of slave traders staying there. An adventuring group took care of these traders and the fort currently sits unoccupied.

River Fort Location


He spoke of a powerful tabaxi wizard name Yolovith who used to planeswalk and tell very interesting tales.

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